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  • Water Purification Using Multiple Stage Filtration Technology

    An experimental model for the multiple stage filtration (MSF) process has been designed which consists of roughing Filter (RF) and slow sand filter (SSF) and located at Giza Water Treatment plant. The results indicated the purification of water with levels of contamination well above those treated by SSF alone, and high efficiency in turbidity removal (90-99%). The overall efficiency is increased by reducing filter media size or rate of filtration. Turbidity removal contribution of RF to overall removal is around 77% and around 19% for SSF. MSF can handle turbidity level up to 30 NTU and give effluent turbidity less than 0.5 NTU. At rate of filtration is higher than 0.25 m/hr, removal of turbidity deceases significantly. The SSF should be cleaned every two months to maintain a maximum head loss of 63cm. High levels of turbidity (above 10 NTU) causes clogging of SSF.

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