Ashraf A. Qurtam

  • ABO/RH Groups Phenotypes and Diabetic Disorders of Female Patients in Green Mountain in Libya

    Diabetes is a major worldwide public health problem, with different etiological agents such as environmentally – physiologically – immunologically – genetically reasons. It has complicates risks as the genetic variants at ABO Locus and thus ABO blood group phenotypes may be associated with diabetic incidence . So, the aim of the present study to determine frequency of blood groups ABO in diabetic female patients. Including number of diabetic populations from some clinical laboratories, hospitals in Green Mountain in Libya. By current criteria for diagnosis and taking patient history, the patients classify the diabetes into three types (1 & 2 and 3), then ABO grouping by agglutination test and biostatistics by split plot design. The recorded results supported the hypothesis that diabetes and blood group types are interrelated, also RH factor have a role to some extent in determine the type of diabetes in related to ABO grouping.

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