Sector : Engineering / Simulation of Visual Servo Control on CRS Catalyst-5t Robot System

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Received : 06-12-2014
Accepted : 08-07-2015
This paper presents the position based visual servoing (PBVS) control system which govern the motion of the manipulator with an eye in hand configuration. the main core of the PBVS control scheme is the pose estimation process in which the relative pose (position and orientation) of the object with respect to the camera mounted on end-effector was estimated by two techniques (Classic POSIT and Kalman filter). CRS Catalyst-5t robot system has been selected for setting up the PBVS control system. The simulation software program has been built to evaluate the success of the simulated robot vision system in performing the required visual servoing tasks using the designed position based control scheme.
position based visual servoing; pose estimation; POSIT; kalman filter